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Helena Extra Domestic Violence services



Helena Partnerships is committed to tackling domestic violence and supporting victims and their children.  Helena Partnerships has 10 trained members of staff who provide outreach and accommodation based services to people experiencing domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse may be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or controlling behaviour.  It could be a one-off incident or occur over a long period of time.  Perpetrators of domestic abuse could be a partner, child, family member or someone who you have previously been in a relationship with.

If you report domestic violence to Helena Domestic Service you will be appointed a trained worker to support you to develop a safety plan based upon the needs of you and your family.  This may include:

  • Housing advice and practical help.  This may be to help you to remain safe in your own home.  Where this is not possible support can be provided to help you find safe alternative accommodation.
  • Make referrals to specialist support agencies, with your permission;
  • Support you to identify legal support that may be available to you such as non molestation orders and restraining orders;
  • Support you to report any incidents to the Police and court processes if this is what you decide to do.


Services Provided:

If you need to find safe accommodation:

Accommodation Based Services - 01925 220541

Helena Refuge provides safe emergency accommodation for victims of abuse and their children where it is not safe for them to stay in their homes or where they become homeless because of the abuse.  The accommodation project is staffed 24 hours per day by trained workers.  Both male and female victims of abuse can access the service.

If you need to be safe in your own home:

Outreach Services - 01744 743200

The DV Outreach Service consists of Helena's Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA) and the Domestic Violence Outreach Worker.  This team supports both male and female victims of domestic abuse who are considered to be at risk of further harm (and who are not living in refuge accommodation).  The level of support provided will be dependant upon a risk assessment.  The team works with victims, their families and other agencies to develop a detailed safety plan and to ensure that interventions are put in place to keep victims safe.



How to Access the Service:

If you are seeking support or emergency accommodation in relation to domestic abuse you can contact the Domestic Violence Helpline on 01925 220 541.  The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anyone can access this service - you do not need to be a Helena tenant.

You can also contact the DV Outreach Service directly on 01744 743200 between 9 am and 5 pm.  Anyone can access this service - you do not need to be a Helena tenant.

If you are a Helena Tenant and need some advice around housing issues you can contact Helena One Call on 01744 637383.



Helena Central, 4 Corporation Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 1LD


01744 637 383

Type of Organisation:

local charity (no.1107073)
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