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Listening Ear's Butterflies Service


Listening Ear is an ambitious and growing social enterprise and its adult service is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Specialising in providing age appropriate therapeutic support for mild to moderate mental health issues, the children's service,  'Butterflies', offers 1:1 and group therapy service for children and young people disadvantaged through poor mental health and emotional well-being and commonly presenting with anxiety, anger, rebellion, grief and depression issues as a result. of:

  • pre-bereavement (parent/family member diagnosed with a life limiting illness)
  • bereavement (including sudden death, murder, manslaughter, suicide)
  • family breakdown (including fostering and adoption breakdown)
  • loss (including divorce, separation and domestic abuse)

Services Provided:

Butterflies is available to children and young people in St Helens, aged 4 - 18 years, to help them cope effectively at the point of experience, which ensures that issues do not escalate, requiring multi-agency interventions later on.  Butterflies will also enable children and young people to articulate positive hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.


How to Access the Service:

To refer anyone aged 4 - 18 years, affected by pre-bereavement, bereavement, family breakdown or loss, to Butterflies, please contact Listening Ear Merseyside on 0151 488 6648 or



0151 488 6648

Type of Organisation:

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